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22 Jul 2003
Just a quick message to introduce myself to the forum. I'm Stuart from Scotland currently living in Newcastle, England but planning to relocate with my Japanese wife and two sons to the Kanagawa area later this year.
My Nihongo is pretty basic, but I've already learned a few things by browsing this site, Thanks.
Welcome Stuart! I'm relocating to Tokyo in 2 months with my Japanese wife (no children though!). How did you meet?

My Nihongo is also basic (actually below that I think), gamarimasho ne.
Hello suart and welcome aboard !

So you're going to come and stay (live, that's how you say in Scotland, right ?) in Kanto as well. I'm married to a Japanese too and currently live in Tokyo.
Thanks for the Welcomes

Thanks for the welcomes to the group.
I'm actually in Tokyo for the next two weeks looking at accommodation and the Job market prior to moving out here at the end of the year.
Any advice on employment prospects/opportunities for a 38 year old business manager/engineer/"jack-of-all-trades" with basic conversational Japanese skills would be much appreciated.

best regards

Konnichiwa Stuart-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite. Please enjoy Japanese life and the forum!🙂

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