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14 Jan 2004

On my search for calligraphics I found this nice board.
As you can see, I'm from Germany, living in a small town and in front of my computer.

I do like the idea exchanging recipes, interests and experiences relating Japan.

And I like your translation section.
But now I will have a look to all the other themes.
Last not least, sorry for my english.

Thanks to all of you. 🙂

This is a really nice and well - feeling - board.
When I started this post, I laughed about the funny smilies you have and I love them. 👏

This is the first time, that I'm going to be a member of an international board.
The founders of this board got my whole admiration.
It might be hard work and a long way to build up an international platform
for all these different mentalities and cultures.

So, I'm going to work on my english and maybe one day I try to learn the japanese language.
As I see, there is jeisan, who seems to me coming from Japan.
Believe me, jeisan, I wish I could say only one word in your language.
Aah, btw, I know one word:
"outsh!" is spelled in Japan "eetai!", isn't it?
But your german is much better. 👏
Thanks for your words.

Please explain me the meaning of Hajimemashite and the syllable "-san".

Yours arcanoa
Guten Tag Herr Arcanoa!

Please explain me the meaning of Hajimemashite and the syllable "-san".

"Hajimemashite" bedeutet "wie geht es Ihnen" auf japanisch. Und "-san" ist "hテカfliche Bezeichnung"(z.B. Herr, Frau usw).


I read your nickname, for me was a japanese name.
One conclusion and really put my foot in it.


Thank you for the translation.
Because I don't know the japanese answer to Hajimemashite,
I just answer : Danke, mir geht es gut." 😄
Especially here on the board.

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