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31 Jul 2003
Minasan konnichiwa! ::p nihon ha tanoshi desu. nihonjin ha yasashi desu ne. watashino dansei ha tottemo yasashi desu. ichiban dansei desu. watashi ha nihon no terebi ga suki desu kara tottemo omoshiroi desu. ima kara nihongo wo benkyoushimasu, suimasen deshita.
konnichiwa 'doudeska' ! Foraam he yokoso ! 🙂

Anata no dansei nihonjin deska ? Anata no shusshin wa doko desu ka ? Kanji de kaitemo ii desu ka ?
watashino shujin ha nihonjin desu. Nagoya ni sunde imasu. anata mo? Ima kara kanji wo benkyoushimasu. mata!
I am American. I am native to Daytona Beach, Florida. I have been married for one year to my husband.
Yet another gaijin woman married to a Japanese man? Wow, we're becoming more and more popular!

Welcome! 🙂
Konnichiwa Doudesuka-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite. Please enjoy the forum and studying Kanji!

I hear it's pretty hot over there now. I am about to come back next Tuesday. I came to the states to visit my children and work on getting them over with us next year to live. IWe are excited!
They started school today. My daughter is 7 and 2nd grade and my son, 9 and 4th grade. They are excited to come over. I will be homeschooling them.
Jeisan - Cool, I really would liketo visit San Diego sometime and Malibu beach, all the well know beaches. Thanks for letting me know. How long have you been in Japan?

It's great to know that there are American women married to Japanese men. I am lucky and I am sure you are too.
How are your in-laws? Mine are great! Actually my mother in law thought I wasn't coming back. I don't know why? I never had a problem that would make me stay back in the U.S. I want my children to meet her. She buys them presents all the time and has their pictures up in her house. I am very lucky! She wants to see them badly . Hopefully we can make that happen on a perm .basis.
well alot of the well known beaches are pretty nasty, not something youd really wanna go swimming in, espcially around the long beach/LA area. so you might wanna try just cruising down PSH awhile then stopping somewhere. venice beach is always a good time, with all the shops and street preformers. cant say much about san diego though as ive only been there a couple of times. actually im not in japan and havent been there yet but i will someday. :)

ill go ahead and assume that the rest of your post is for kirei na me. since shes a girl and is married to japanese man, and im still a bachelor :p
How are your in-laws?

Well, my in-laws are great, as far as I'm aware. Having never met them makes it a bit easier, I guess. They are really good, though. They send my boys and me stuff all the time and they have always been really accepting of me, I think. I think they might be coming over soon to see their grandsons. I'm not really crazy about the idea of putting 3 kids ages 5 and under on a plane for 12 hours. I figured it would be easier for them to come over here for now.

Good luck on the kids moving over there and the homeschooling. I'd be interested in knowing how the homeschooling goes!
I must say the same thing! Thanks for the recommendations and the warnings of California beaches.

Ormond Beach is a nice beach town just north of Daytona Beach. It is very clean because Ormond Beach is very strict on zoning and keeping things nice and clean.

I have been to Enoshima and Kamakura, Japan. The beaches are polluted with litter and just about anything you can imagine.
It's sad! I want to visit Odaiba though. I hear it is fun there.

Jeisan, Good Luck on coming to Japan. You will find a vast learning experience both good and bad. I always find myself learning things all day .I really enjoy it a lot. Take care!

Kirei na me, Do you have children? How long have you been married? Tell me about yourself , please!
Kirei na me, Do you have children? How long have you been married? Tell me about yourself , please!

Yes, I have 3 sons, ages 5, 4, and 2 years old. Desperately trying to have a girl, but obviously wasn't meant to be! :p

Anyway, I have been married almost 6 years and we have been together 7. I met my husband at work--he was my boss! I have been a stay at home mom since right before my first son was born, and am hoping to go back to school again sometime in the near future. As for Japan, I don't think I would ever live there. It would have to take some powerful force to get me there, as I love to have lots of space! ;)

Oh, and I'm from Virginia, by the way!
I bet your house is rocking with 3 sons. I bet they are so cute!
I want a baby with my husband but not until my children are settled in Japan. I think I will be pushing the clock a little by then.
But, it will be nice.

That's great your in-laws are accepting and generous. Okaasanwas scared that wasn't coming back this time. Now we have her convinced. She's a lot of fun when we are shopping. She seems to relax around me. I guess it's because I am a relaxed person and easy to talk to. She laughs more around me.
I hope you have a nice visit with yours. You should visit Japan at least once. They give a lot of breaks for Americans. ha ha! Where in Virginia do you live? Virginia is a pretty state. I am near Asheville, my family are Florida transplants. Have a nice day!
Well, I live in the Bay Area. I live near San Fransico and Oakland. You know where the SF. Giants or the Oakland A's (Baseball teams) are from. 👍
I would love to visit San Francisco someday and Oakland.
Where are the A's from?
Hey, do you live in Pacific Heights? I love the architecture of those homes. 😄
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