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Just a simple kanji question


25 Apr 2003
Hi everyone. What's this Kanji?


I've looked a lot, but can't find it. Thanks.
There's a good chance that it doesn't actually exist and was made up. That sort of thing happens. Or perhaps it's Chinese.
I read on another forum that it is the Chinese kanji for "dragon" never adopted in Japan. Which was also my first inclination given the name :).
Well, the closest approximation to it that I've been able to find in a kanji dictionary is 「犮」(はつ, hatsu), but it doesn't seem to be used in Japanese. The Japanese kanji for dragon is 「竜」 (ryuu)
If you look up dragon through an English-Chinese online translation service, such as Babelfish, it comes up as the one used in that ad.
So, it is Chinese... I wasn't sure. The one I found pops up in an Japanese IME search (IME pad; with pronounciation and such), but it doesn't in any other dictionary... My apoplogies for only half reading your post...🙂
This morning I was looking at a Chinese restaurant, it's name was 'Neuf-Neuf Dragon' and the Kanji used for Dragon looked more like the Japanese one (竜) thought different but no way close to the one on 'Sobe Dragon'...

and so far I always see the same Kanji as the one on that restaurant on clothes and other restaurant with Dragon in their name.
Maybe the other one is an updated, stylized version of an older kanji. I don't know. Whey don't you ask a Chinese speaker? ;)
hmm...that's a chinese word. Meant Dragon. It' a simplified version of chinese u see, the traditional one is 龍﹐and the simplified one is as shown in the file above. it's meaning is the same as japanese 竜
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