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Just a silly question


27 Jun 2003
Well, I hope it is not that silly...
While listening my favorite j-pop songs I often stumble over the word "shinjite"
Here are some lines, where the word is used...
Shinjite ite anata no koto o
Shinjite ite hoshii anata no koto o

I wondered, what this word means, but could not figure out ^^
Maybe someone can help me?

I do not speak Japanese, but I am very curious, you know? ^-~
Konnichwa Lil'Anij-san! :)
Well, it depends on the context. I don't listen to J-pop, but I believe 信じで (Shinjide) can be translated something like "is believing" or "with believing" in the sense of thinking something is true and 信じて (Shinjite) "believe(s)" or "believing."

Shinjite ite anata no koto wo --> Believing/Having faith in you (?)
Shinjite ite hoshii anata no koto wo --> Want/wanting to believe/have faith in you (?).
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You pretty much hit the nail on the head. Have faith in yourself. 信じて used by itself, depending on the situation can also be used as an imperative (Believe!) or as an imploration (Please believe me!).

But as Elizabeth said, accounting for preferences in translation,
Shinjite ite anata no koto wo --> I believe you.
Shinjite ite hoshii anata no koto wo --> I want to believe you.

Although the second sentence is not a common form of speech. To say "I want to believe you" one would more often say "anata no koto shinjitai" 貴方のことを信じたい (to borrow the words above).
Thanks for that, I'm just in need of that I BELIEVE YOU!! ありがとう!
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