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Just a short hello!


2 Dec 2002
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Hello people,
Like i say,this is just a modest hi and howya doin. To give you a bit of background im actually Scottish,or Orcadian to be excact. For anyone outside the U.K. that just means im an islander. Which raises an interesting point,if anyone reading this is from an island off Japan,please feel free to get in touch.
My interest in Japan is quite broad i suppose,i have a passing interest in the native religions but i only know bits and pieces. I love watching Martial Arts,especially the Jp ones,im trying to find an Aikido class nearby since id like to learn it most of all. Im also interested in the culture and food too,but i have yet to experience them both first hand. I am currently reading Hagakure,and am finding it a work of great insight,but i would like to see the full translation since i feel it would have more to offer. I'd be happy to hear from anyone who wants to say hello and if your a pretty Japanese lady i'd be even happier.👍

Cheers all, Samsy


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
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I'm neither a pretty lady nor Japanese, but I'd like to bid you welcome at the forum! 🙂
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