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24 Jul 2003

I'm Omar Kaj and I'm a Lebanese resident in Lagos, Nigeria. Hey! Call me Drag. I think Japanese are among the most talentive people on Earth - looking that their creativity and others on TV.

I like Avril Lavigne, browsing, chatting with friends and new friends [not to say I desperately need to chat with a 15-year-old Japanese if any of you can be her], CNN, e-mail, game-making, Islam, Linkin Park, POD, software-making.

Great summer slam to you guys.

Summer's heat,
Whaddup playah. Greetings and welcome. Like yourself, I am also a fan of Chester Bennington/Linkin Park btw. :cool:
Hey there and welcome. I also like Linkin Park especially Chester and Mike. ^^ Well, greetings and welcome._. 🙂
How is Japan perceived in Lebanon or Nigeria ?
Hi, I'm Kamal from Lebanon and I think I can answer this question. I'd say Lebanese people are not familiar with Japan as culture, language or much info. many confuse China with Japan... However Japanese food is widely known as there are many Japansese restaurants ... Sadely there are no Japanese language centers which could be very helpful for those who would like to advance in nihongo including me ... :(
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