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junglists in japan?


17 Mar 2004
hello all,

i've just moved here to yokosuka japan about 2 weeks ago. i've been in the dnb scene for about 1 1/2 -2 yrs now, and im trying to find some people who share a similar intrest in dnb.

if there are some dnb heads out there, where can i find some parties and events, also if there is anyone who want's to hook up and just chill, im more than willing.

looking foward to the culture here. it's looking good already.

any junglist out there.. my email is [email protected] feel free. also bear with me, i don't know the language yet... but im learning..


oh.. i've been producing dnb ( as well as techno, and downtempo/trip hop) for about a year... so any producers are also welcomed :)
..and I'm welcoming some dnb (and other ug electronic music) party/event tips around Kyoto area for next summer... thank you... ;)
Wondering about that too.. since i'm a junglist and a Japan freak at the same time :D
Jungle is pretty cool, though junglists here in LA are few and far between we have a few GOOD ones. Mostly its BreakBeats, Trance, and some DNB.
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