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JROCK Wallpapers !

I couldn't find that cool looking green colored X-Japan wall paper. It would look great on my iBook ;)
that green designe is just MISC.designe not for x japan :) , the problem i couldint find many pix for them so i can do wall's .
oops, size is small. I like it though.

Also err spelling mistake so to say. mitori should be midori with the 2 apostrophe [ten-ten] marks.

you gonna do a 1028 size?
i dont think so ..cos this wallpaper isnt that good i will try to dootehr ones with diffrent size :) ..

btw.. do u have msn messenger :)
you can pm me here or try to catch me on AIM by the nick of moyashi11. (I hope that's what it is)
no problem cos i just wanted to chat withya :) ..i only have msn messenger i dont use the other messengers .. no problem :)
ohh sorry.

I'm OSX (apple) and my built in chat program only accepts AIM. Maybe after an update but I doubt if M$ will allow connectivity with Apple ;)
Your Wallpapers are great..but...when I open them there's no pic but "You do not have access to this document". What means that???
ya Kami
i second the gackt wallpapers!!!:D gackt and hyde wallpapers would be awesome!!ooo and malice mizer...sorry im not demanding it or anything :p im just a tad obsessed with them 😍
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