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18 Sep 2002
hey every 1 , i want to know ur ideas about those 2 styles , JROCK "visual kei also" JPOP "idols & the rest" ..ilike more jrock cos the music is much better i hate jpop cos its not diffrent between world pop music , ilike much X japan , Malice mizer , Madeth gray'll & glay sure :)

so wuts ur opininon
Ah, definitions again... 😄

This has proven to be a very grey area, because the "Pop" in JPop is naturally a bit misleading. I guess it's a legacy thing.

My current point of view is like this:
JPop is the overall term and JRock is simply a piece of the pie, so to speak.
I still regard JPop as the overall term, because when you ask some on to name some JPop bands or artists, then a person who is into popmusic would name for instance Ayumi Hamasaki. A person who is into rockmusic would come up with something like X-Japan.
Don't forget that rockmusic can also be regarded as popular music( and rightly so).
The Jpop-term is still commonly translated as "Music from Japan", whether it's rock or pop (or dance or any other genre for that matter).

I'd rather see it in a different way though, but that utopian view isn't likely to happen soon. The world still isn't ready to accept JPop as common popmusic which resides among the established artists from the west. Only then can we drop the J's and call the music like it's supposed to be called.
Spread the word, people, spread the word!!
(Hey, i'm back from my vacation again! Let me dramatize a little. :) )
Yep, I agree.

Problem is that many bands go MTV and everything ends up JPop.

Although, I too think that at least a "J" should be added.

J-Classic, J-Folk, J-punk, J-Rock, J-Pop, well, you get the idea.
its best to define each band with its style .. like pop means populer that dosent mean that X JAPAN . MALICE MIZER..ETC r jpop .. we better define it with its style as in english music rock , pop , metal , we cant sat britney spears songs are metal lol ..
so in japanese music , we can put every bandf on its style so we can know each 1 wut type of music he likes :)..
I like listening to Jpop... 😌 E.g. Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru etc...however, I also like some rock. My taste for music is varied really, I listen to almost everything except heavy metal.

But of Japanese music, Jpop I listen to most.
I like JRock better than JPop. I don't like any kind of pop really, if you'd called the first Dir en grey albums "Pop" then I guess I like that pop. But mainly rock like Dir en grey's 'Vulgar' and 'Kisou' albums.

when I first started listing to j music I started with jpop like V6, etc..and its sorta stuck with me and still liked it, but I also really like jrock cuz of Gackt, L'Arc~En~Ciel, and Dir en Grey...its a really hard choice for me...so I might have to wait a while to make up my mind... :?
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