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A lot of good JRock bands broke up in the last few years. There's a good piece of history for you to catch up with bands like X-Japan, Luna Sea, Siam Shade and Oblivion Dust.

Current good rockacts are f.i. Pierrot, B'z, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, Rize, Dope Headz and Cune.

One band that i really think is good and promising is Fake? (the questionmark is part of the name). The band is made up of guitarist Inoran (formerly of Luna Sea) and leadsinger Ken Lloyd (formerly of Oblivion Dust).
Their second album will be released on the 23rd of october.
Don't really know much about rock bands, just that band Rize that was mentioned already. I've been to a few underground hardcore, metal gigs while in Japan. They were very cool. The bands, don't remember names, were very professional on stage, they kicked ***. At this one place the crowd was nuts, doing kung fu kicks and ****. There were naked people as well!
if u like heavy songs u can hear this bands ..
Sex Machineguns , Concerto Moon , X japan

more rockish :D
Glay , Janne Da Arc , Luna Sea , Dir en grey , L'arc-en-ciel

Romantic JGothic .lol :) (indies bands)
Malice Mizer , Madeth gray'll , Due'le quartz

there is much more but ive catogrized some. :)

I agree with any suggestions to check out "Luna Sea"

Buy the double CD set entitled "Never Sold Out"
Good suggestion. I've got that one as well. They're live every bit as good as in the studio.
Dir En Grey... I couldn't think of anything better (guitar-music-wise).

The only other Jrocks I've heard much of are Dasein (may have forgotten the correct spelling), T.M.Revolution and Kids Alive. There are a lot others (duh), but I just need to wait for another pay period to explore :D ...yeah, I know I'm missin out.
Dir en grey, dir en grey and dir en grey. <laughs> Sorry, they just rock so much they had to be added multiple times.

Quick question though, what other jrock bands are there out there that are like Dir en Grey. Most of the others I've heard are a little.. well wussy! I've spent from about age 13 listening to HEAVY music.. for the last couple of years I've been mad on dir en grey. Have tried a couple of tracks by gackt and malice mizer and even luna sea but they're all quite mellow and tame. Luna sea rock mind you, they're just not in the same genre I think.

Any ideas?

Dir en Grey are weird. They take elements of different genres and mix them up resulting in music that's quite unsettling. That's why they're so hard to compare with other bands. They have that common rock feeling but they often play hardcore punk parts through their songs which seems completely out of place. And they make it work very well.

I'm detecting a difference in their more recent work. Their latest album Six Ugly resembles the music of The Mad Capsule Markets. Noise punk with surfcore influences. I think this is a marketing trick. They've seen that the Mad Capsule Markets have become popular worldwide and i think they want to achieve the same.
Mmm.. Mad Capsule Markets rock. I've actually seen them at a festival (Ozzfest) here in the UK and then their own headlining gig. You can buy their CD's easily here now. And yes, I did hear their music in some of Dir en Grey's later stuff especially Child Prey - it could in fact be MCM.. just better I think.

So its unlikely that I'm going to find another band as heavy as them?

Yeah, hide rocks, but it's not really the same as Dir en Grey. You could go for his work with Zilch. That's also pretty heavy.
Otherwise you'll end up more into the noise and hardcore punk scene. Melt Banana or Guitarwolf are way louder then Dir en Grey but not as smoothly produced.
I've heard of Melt Banana.. and yeah, not as smooth as Dir en Grey for sure. And of course I know Hide.. so I'll have to check out some of his stuff.. thanks!

Most of these bands mentioned by Eternal are typical Visual Kei bands who have Malice Mizer as their great example. Only few of them are up to the high standard that Malice Mizer portrayed.

Mana has started a new band now which is called Moi dix Mois. They released their first single "Dialogue Symphony" last week and i think this band is the only one deserving to be named the true follow up of Malice Mizer. You also might wanna check out a band called Schwarz Stein. They are also produced by Malice Mizer. Same high standard. The classic baroque meets industrial kinda thing.

Another band you should really hear is Fake? (Questionmark is part of the name). This band consists of Ken Lloyd (former vocalist of Oblivion Dust) and Inoran (Former guitarist of Luna Sea). Search for their single "Taste Maximum". Brilliant stuff. They've released their first album "Breathe in" this summer and their second album should be out on the 22nd of januari.
Malice Mizer wise, I've just downloaded Regret which is just a piano solo, but its so beautiful its definately given me the insentive to download more of their stuff. I love well written piano pieces.

I'm currently searching around for tracks by Moi dix Mois, Schwarz Stein and Fake?. You can't get much Japanese music in the UK (the Japan centre sells a little, but only the most recent stuff a few months later than its release in Japan I think). Most of the time I have to look out for things on ebay. I don't have a credit card so I can't buy things off hmv japan or cdjapan or anything like that, so I'm stuck with downloading tracks. I only just managed to get all but one of dir en grey's albums in the last month so it might take me a while to get real versions of these bands.. so mp3's will have to do for now.

I do have a credit card, but even then it's just too expensive to buy everything i like. I also download as much as i can and when i really really like something then i will buy the original.

In regard to the Merveilles album, i suggest you check out "S-Consious", "Brise" and "Le Ciel" to get a good idea how diverse that album is.
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