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JREFツエs own ChatRoom - What do you think?

What do you think about an internal JRef-Chat?

  • Yes!! -Cool idea!!

    Votes: 13 68.4%
  • No, ...wouldnツエt be a good idea....

    Votes: 4 21.1%
  • Well, I donツエt care....

    Votes: 2 10.5%

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19 Jun 2003
What would you think about a own JREF-Chatroom? An internal chatroom only for Japanreference members?

What's your opinion?? Post it!!! 🙂
I was just thinking of suggesting that yesterday! What a coincidence. I think it would be a great idea!! 😄
No, don't think JREF needs a chatroom. messageboards are already great and are monitored regularly...
I don't really care, but I like most of the stuff to take place on the forum since I don't wanna miss anything. :p
i think it would be a good ideal, though i would miss what people say during the day...

erm...so it also has a flip side :p
I'm kinda new around here...But ya know, I think I'd like to talk to people in the open, and get to know a few of you. I've read so many posts, and well....I don't know where I'm going with this....Just me rambling again.
Loss of control ??

I can see hurt feelings & arguments; maybe hogging the chat? How bout details like bandwidth use and monitoring ? I guess I would go with what Thomas recomends, he's the expert.

yes,Finally someone made a poll I really hope this inable 's us to get what we what.As long as it is free 🙂

Well i voted for Yes,And i cant wait till we can talk!!
I don't think that there should be one. I used to think that one might be cool, but lately I've noticed there is a big difference in the age group of people here and it might get cornered by one side or the other. I don't think a moderator will want to have to deal with something like that. I think it would be best to leave the boards the way that it is.
After reading your post i was alos thiking that it is very true what you were saying about the diff age groups and itsnot like alot of poeple are always online, wEll i disagreee with the chat room now but if it still gets activited its all good
I like the idea but at the same time we would miss stuff. I agree with both sides of the arguement. Whatever happens happens I say
i actually like the idea of the chat room at least for the heavy parts of the day or whenever a moderator would be willing. but its not like eveyone would have too or ever could be in the same chat channel at the same time anyway. seeing as how most have a cap of like 25 users or whatever.
I think it's a fantastic idea! Sounds fun. If there was some way to make everyone know this thread is here... then I think it'll grow HUGE!

A topic i must think to start a good chat..
note to brain: think, think, you must think!

Sorry but Navi's brain is not functioning. :eek:
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