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Hey there.. The radio's great.. its just that on my run of the mill 56K connection which isn't so great on the best of days (when I get back to London after my new year break I'll have a slightly better one.. still 56K but seems to run faster) the music stops every 20seconds to rebuffer! I remember this is why I've never bothered with online radio stations in the past because the same thing always happens. Is there anyway around this or am I just going to have to return to the world of no jpop radio (even though it would be better if Dir en grey were in there! <laughs>)
Heh, my opinion is opposite actually. I do have a big fat broadband line and i usually don't bother listening to anything less then 128 Kb streams. When it comes to JPop, there's not that much choice though.

I've listened to this stream for most of the afternoon and i found that a lot of songs repeated themselves a bit too often. I guess a small database of songs is not that bad, if you don't have to listen to it all day.

Another thing... Live365 sucks a bit. They insert their own commercials in between the songs. I usually listen to Shoutcast stations, but that requires your own server, which eats a lot of bandwith if you want a decent amount of simultaneous users.

All in all it's a good stream. It's quite up to date songwise and luckily it's not just girlpop. I also heard X-Japan, Road of Major and a lot of Rize.
Thanks for the comments. I agree that live365 sucks for the ads, but I am not in a position to shell out 70 bucks for their ad free broadcasting (or whatever the cost is), and I unfortunately dont have the resources to leave the comp on at home to do the shoutcast.

Id like to do the shoutcast though because it has no space restrictions, and I can change things up in an instant... might be something to explore, but I unfortunately I just dont see it happening.

As for the playlist, Ive added a bunch more stuff to it, so hopefully now you dont hear the same things too close together. I wish they would employ a system like winamps where it actually randomizes the playlist, and wont repeat a track until all the others have been played. The way theirs goes now it just picks them totally at random... Its not playing the same song twice in a row or anything, but it was noticable...

...and now it shouldnt be so much with the new songs added.

ps, tried to add some dir, but couldnt find the latest singles :(
Photokyo.. I've got everything of theres pretty much, if you want me to send their last two singles Child Prey and Drain Away I can. Just let me know where to send them too (private message me your e-mail address or something! Or I can streambeam them to you if you have a streamload account)
My home computer broke down... so it'll be a while before there are any updates :(
Ok, I got it fixed... have another listen and let me know what you think.

Midnite, look me up on ICQ, and I can grab those files from ya. Thanks!
Crap, now you need to register to listen to Live365!
Not your fault of course.
Yeah, they made it a little difficult now... its kind of a pain in the arse... well, not kinda, it is! :(
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