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8 Jan 2003
I just got into the JPop Phenomenon and its sooo awesome how the japanese pop music sounds! I watch anime and download music soundtracks that are from the anime. Some of my favorite are: Utada Hikaru-Letters, Yuki Kajiura-Secret Project, Yoko Kanno-Sora, Hayashii Yoake-See saw, and lots of Ayumi Hamasaki songs.

HEY! I know I'm not the only JPOP fanatic out there. REPLY with your favorite JPOP songs.

Jaa, mata...
Hi Yukotoshikun,

I moved this thread to the J-Pop forum, where you will find lots more information aobut the JPop Phenomenon. :)

As for my favorite songs... er, i couldn't begin to mention them all. There are just too many. :smoke:

As with everything else, some are great, and some are pretty bad...each to their own....
I like some of the music videos I've seen, though....seems like they have better commercials in J-land, too, compared to the US these days....too bad the movies aren't more innovative....but must admit the usage of jpop in some of the better J-doramas have been rather good, especially to emphasize the feelings and mood....and in that aspect, I think many of the jpops have been rather instrumental in creating a dramatic aspect of those programs....alternatively, when the song sucked, it tended to be a distraction....
but over all, I think they tend to create mood and atmosphere in J-land a lot better than the folks in the US do nowadays.... :p:D
You should check out Onitsuka Chihiro's stuff, a bit corny maybe but I'm not complaining! "Infection" , "Rasen", ... are absolute pearls.
Originally posted by Twisted
As for my favorite songs... er, i couldn't begin to mention them all. There are just too many. :smoke:

Hey Peter, didn't know you're smoking. :)
My alltime favorite is Miki Imai.
She was the first who showed me jpanese music besides anime.
(anime by this time means Sailor Moon and Neon Genesis Evangelion.. the only really popular animes in Germany at that time..)
I love her voice and her somtimes kinda jazzy melodies.
Butterfly in the dark, Goodbye Yesterday, Company, Miss You, Piece of my Wish...
Just to mention a few really good songs.
The second artist I like very much is Matsu Takako. Especially her Video of Hana you ni (my first j-pop video ever) is really beautiful. Lots of sunflowers ^-^
Gommene is also a good song, with a strange but great melody.
For a few weeks I know Maaya Sakamoto.. another beautifull voice.
And last but not least Inoue Kikuko and Yumi Touma, Belldandy and Urd from my favorite anime Ah! My goddess.
(Yumi did also Selphi from Slayers next, e.g.)
I am allway open for new artist, just discovered Thommy February6...
Tell me a good artist and I will try.... ^_~
My fave at the moment is GO!GO!7188. In fact, they're the whole reason I've recently gotten interested in J rock.
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