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.jp or .co.jp ?

humm I found the diffrence I'll post it for fun

Advantages of the .jp domain:

It is easily recognized and trusted by the Japanese consumer
It can be registered and used in English or Japanese (Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji)
It is easy to obtain; there are NO restrictions on registering or using these names
There is NO limit to the number of registrations possible by one entity (companies can now create online identities for all of their products and business units)
With Japan Registry, there is NO need to host on Japanese servers. You can host this domain anywhere in the world, making it easy to approach the Japanese market from overseas

Traditional .CO.JP Domain Names

.co.jp domain names retain their restrictive elements, but they are still the primary identity for Japanese companies

Restrictions associated with .co.jp domains:
Registrants MUST be a
a. Japanese company (OR)
b. Foreign company with a registered branch (or other valid Japanese business license)
Only one domain name is available per independent Japanese organization
I've been wondering why some of my friends have email addresses that end with "@yahoo.ne.jp" but I can only find a yahoo.co.jp . Is it like a separate domain they use just for email accounts or something?
yeah that right
herzeleid.com has something like that
all email is at a .net rather than the .com
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