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Johnny's Jr.


15 Apr 2002
Nobody into Jonny's Jr. :rolleyes:

very young to just barely 30 boys groups

currently active in order of hen pecking:

- Tokio (hmm no directly under SMAP ... group wise yes but activity wise no)
- Kinky Kids (err named after the region KINKY not after what you're thinking ... although under SMAP not exactly under SMAP or Tokio)
- V6
- ARASHI (now written in katakana ... used to be a KANJI ... possible image change since the KANJI wasn't very popular)
- Jonny's Jr. Kids

New Members have been added:
Takisawa and Moriuchi ... both of which have very famous parents.
Can't say I'm a fan of this part of JPop. Occasionally, a good song comes up, but generally, it's not my cup of tea. It's hard to tell all these boybands apart.
Shingo Mama rules, though... :)

Hehe Shingo mama.

The phrase "OO-HAA" with your fingers going from the "OK" sign and opening was very popular this year.

This year it'll be something else since the TV / fiscal year has just started.
Any1 here love Johnny's Family ??

I love love love all groups of Johnny's Family esp YAMAP.
Chou Kawaii ne ~~~~~~~~~


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[Pix]: YAMAP ( Johnny's Jr )

Tomohisa Yamashita " YAMAP"
U r so foein !!!


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who's that? or do you mean SMAP?

current roster is pretty huge though......
Yamap is Yamashita Tomohisa.
Can't say i follow the boyband-scene in Japan that closely so i don't know much about it.

I actually like a lot of the Johnny Jr Groups ^_^
V6 seems to be most popular at the moment tho I only like some of their songs. Out of Johnny Jr Groups I prefer Kinki Kids. I however do think Takuya Kimura has great acting skills ^^
Takizawa isn't a new Johnny's Jr. He already "debuted" with his buddy Imai Tsubasa. That means they used to be Jrs. but kind of graduated from the training. They realease their own singles and videos now.
And SMAP, KinKi Kids, TOKIO, V6, Takuya Kimura and Arashi aren't Johnny's Jrs. Like Takki and Tsubasa, they used to be Jrs. but have already debuted.
Being a Johnny's Jr. is like being on a training ground for a music career. People like Yamashita Tomohisa and Shibutani Subaru are Johnny's Jrs. If you've heard of KAT-TUN, they are a Johnny's Jrs. group (and are very debut potential... it won't be long!). And there aren't any Johnny's Jr. KIDS because the kids themselves are the Johnny's Jrs.
Ahh, yes! Huge Johnny's Jr. fan here !! - Takky, my fave. ^^ Yup, Takky has already been out from the Johnny's .. YamaP is like a "replacement" in taking care of things. One of the biggest Johnny bands is KAT-TUN right now. They're really good, ne! XD
If there's anyone who's interested in talking about Johnny's Jr, here's a forum that's just for them!

Hey, I'm new here, but I also like johnny's very much. I'm a big takki fan too !!!!!!!!!! Nice to meet u all! Please talk to me !!
i also like V6 & Kinki Kids very very much
i like V6 because i heard their song from Inuyasha at first time and then i crash on them
holla all, I'm a newbie here, I'm currently in love wif TOKIO😊, it started when I watched Godzilla, the final war, n isaw that cool mutant, n when I searched on the internet, I found that he's mabo from TOKIO, huaaaa that guy is soo adorable👍, then I watched my boss my hero DVD, Tomoya is soooo funnyyyyyyyy, koki is also a guuuuuuuddd joker^^, n I bought their live, 5ahead, mabo was soo cool in DR multiangle, n that dance in sugarless love, was soooooo mabo:p,
Like Arashi, jun was sooo good in bambino n Hana Yori Dango, tackey n Tsubasa are nice, love tackey in Romeo n Juliet,
sorry, but I have a question here guys, does anyone know the real address of johnny's jr office? I want to send card n fanmail to TOKIO; I went to diff sites, n they wrote diff addresses, I can't find it from their official sites:(, I'll appreciate it guys, thx a lot
There are so many Johnnies that it is very hard to keep track of them. In Harajuku the school girls go to these shops that sell nothing but pics of all the different Johnnies. The girls all have their fav. There is a Johnny for every kind of preference.
We have a thread already of johnny's entertainment...
it's on page two...

I like KAT-TUN, Arashi, NewS, Kanjani8, H!S!J, TOKIO
just love them
yay yay i love NEWS too

is there anyone like toma? i think he's pretty cute too,, though he has been never debuted
I love most of the Johnny's groups, especially ARASHI who BTW is celebrating their 10th yr. together...Rock On! Check out johnnysjapancentral for more info on the Johnny's guys!
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