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John Ritter dead at 54?


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31 Jan 2003
Was anybody else completely shocked to hear about John Ritter's death? I am completely shocked and saddened to hear that. Three's Company is the show that is a part of my earliest memories of television. I remember that was the first show I recorded on our new VCR(complete with wire-attached remote) in 1983. I continue to watch Three's Company reruns to this day...

Maybe I'm the only one? Well, maybe Iron Chef can relate...
Blond bombshell!

And where is a dumb blond more famous then that show. For all the country western fans, too bad about Jonnie Cash who also passed away.
Wow... I always assumed he was the picture of health for some reason. The last time I think I saw him on air was when he was doing a cooking segment with Conan O' Brien, Dana Carvey, and Ted Nugent where the Nuge was promoting his "Kill It and Grill It" cookbook that cracked me up to no end. He will be sorely missed...

Yeah, John Ritter AND Johnny Cash within like 24 hours, its a real bad week for celebrity Johns! Why couldn't it have been John Tesh and John Stamos instead, nobody would have missed them!
perhaps the supreme One needed their services more than the other Johns...if you believe in that sort of thing... :eek:
Kirei na me,

I felt really sad and shocked about John Ritter's death too. I always loved John Ritter. Even today, I can feel the lack of his presence in the world, so I think that says a lot about him.

Yeah, I heard about Rerun this morning. I used to watch "What's Happening" all the time.

Thanks for letting me know about the Barbara Walters interview. I'll have to check that out.
for the grasshoppers

"Who is John Ritter ???"
comeback vehicle imo
np! about the interview, was wondering if it was known
it's already ran on tv, probably can be found
check the right side of the page
gotta go to class, will play with later
nobody bumped to talk about the season one dvd being on sale at best buy for $12.99?
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