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jobs for americans in japan


7 Oct 2003
Does anyone know of any jobs that would be available to americans in japan. thankyou and i would appreciate the help🙂
Depends a lot on what skills, degrees, language skills ,etc. you have. Teaching English is the most popular because it is often the easiest to secure.
Yup, what he said *points up*. Anything outside of teaching pretty much requires some degree of language proficiency (semi-fluent at the very least) in additon to sought after skills (IT, Business, etc.) unless you're VERY lucky and in the "right place at the right time" although this rarely happens and usually relies on having the right connections.

Teaching (a one or two-year contract) is a good way to get your foot in the proverbial door so to speak while improving your Japanese. And of course, once you're actually IN Japan... the chances of finding something more suitable for yourself in the long-term increase exponentially.
I collected Higake (Daily loan payments) generally high risk loans for the Okinawan Yakuza for a couple of years. LOL. How big are you?
Im kidding while I did collect loans for the mafia I would'nt wish that nightmare on anyone after being involved in it.
Sure. A great job resource is the Kansai Flea Market. It's a monthly classified ad publication specifically for the Kansai (Osaka, Nara, Kobe, Kyoto) area of Japan. They have ads for teachers, bartenders, Djs, etc, etc. You can download a copy online. Another good publication to check out is Kansai Time Out. (KTO) They also are online. As an American, you'd probably be best off as an English teacher. Nine out of ten times they get paid the best, too. The best teaching jobs, such as the JET programme, AEON, and NOVA require a college degree, but many others don't. And, if you're really desperate, there are all kinds of under-the-table jobs in big cities like Tokyo or Osaka.
The best teaching jobs, such as the JET programme, AEON, and NOVA require a college degree, but many others don't.

People who don't have college degrees (bachelor's level minimum) can't work in Japan unless they have the following situation.

1. Working holiday visa (limited time, and not available to Americans)
2. Spouse visa (for people married to Japanese)
3. Student visa (if you are enrolled in a Japanese school)
4. Dependent visa (for those married to non-Japanese with FT jobs)

Only item 3 allows you to work FT.
Very true.
Although if you're ready to take a risk it is still very feasible to work in Japan without any of those. For example, I know a friend who came to Japan, enrolled at a private language school, got his student visa from them, and then worked at nightclubs and bars, sometimes even teaching English, all without a proper visa or college degree. Personally, I've worked at a place that never asked about my visa. Another "under-the-table" job. Some places don't "officially" want those extra gaijins on the payroll........
Like I said, it is also risky. Working for someone illegally has its problems.
-There is nothing to stop your employers from not paying you! Believe me, it happens!
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