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Job Offers Job Opportunity on the Military Bases in Japan!


12 Jul 2022
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That's right, you can speak English only and still live in Japan. We are Military Autosource. We help thousands of people with their car buying needs for when they leave overseas and return stateside. We offer a better price on the car and a lot more convenient. This is one of those jobs where you need to be a go getter and not afraid of rejection, because our customers don't know they need it, until they need it.

If you think you have what it takes, please get with me to apply. We are currently hiring at the following locations:

Yokosuka (Kanagawa-Ken)
Iwakuni (Yamaguchi-Ken)
Misawa (Aomori-Ken)

Full-Time 40 Hours
3 Months Paid Training
$1750 Starting /month
Health Insurance offered

You need to have your own VISA already such as a spouse or resident. There are some restrictions with passports from certain countries we cannot get on base, so please ask.
Other ways are being a military dependent that already has base access, or we do offer SOFA status for qualified candidates, which have to be an American Citizen to apply for. We are not providing transportation to Japan as we are looking locally for people who are already here.

I would like to talk to the applicants rather than just posting a link to apply, so please contact me here on this form or you can send me a message via Facebook where I am constantly checking my message requests Log in or sign up to view

Thanks and good luck!


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