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JLPT N3 study material suggestions


30 Apr 2017
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Hi everyone!
I am motivated to learn Japanese language mainly because I am a soon-to-be-a-fresh engineering graduate who wishes to work there. I talked to one of the agency there who told me that I must have N4 or N3 level cert. I am aiming towards N3 level, however I have no idea where to start from. I went through different links on google and found these helpful:
Nihongo JLPT N3 quiz
with this one the most helpful one

I need some help with starting up as I am infant level in Japanese language. All the Japanese I know is what I picked up from anime (haha) hence I would like to start properly from basics. Most of the sources/links assumed that he reader has at least N5 knowledge which got me thinking that shall I start with N5 material and slowly climb up to N3?
I am sue there are ways to start from basics and build up to N3 level just that I couldn't find it. I would appreciate your help if you could suggest me series of tutorials, books or any source which could help me with basics.
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