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Jisatsu Sakuru/Suicide Club


23 Jul 2003
Mmm well, there's a cuple things I'd like to discuss about this movie... starting by the typical "has anyone seen it yet?". Personally, I loved it. It wasn't scary, though it had a couple "ew" moments, and the ending... kinda... left me a bit puzzled, then again all japanese movies do that to me... :confused:

The other things I wanted to discuss... are more like questions, really.

Like, for instance, I was trying to catch who was the group that performed Dessert/Dessart's songs... because I've been told that by reading the lyrics I could get a bit more what was happening (So if anyone can drop me a link with jap/eng transl that'd be great 😍 )

There was.... I'm quite sure there was something else I wanted to say, but... It slipped my mind atm. I'll surely get back to this if I remember and post it ^^;
o man I saw that movie...It freaked me out. I want to know who those little girls really are too I love their songs!
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