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Jisatsu Sakuru aka. Suicide Circle


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24 Mar 2004
Jisatsu Sakuru (Suicide Circle to American audiences) is a great film in my opinion. Another gripping, chilling horror with twists, turns and surprize endings. There are many very bloody and very gory scenes but never the less this movie deserves praise for its sociological and pshycological aspects, superb storyline, acting, and for many other reasons altogether. The first scene is of 50 or so young high school girls throwing themselves before a subway train (as you can imagine this scene is the first of many bloody and gory scenes) the rest of the movie is centered around a few detectives who investigate the suicides and try and stop other mass suicides from happening. A great movie.

8 or 9 outta 10
This is a real movie!? So someone made a movie of nothing but Japanese school girls killing themselves in different ways? Thats awful!
no its not all about that...it has a story line and japanese girls are not the only ones that kill themselves...
I will try and find it, lol sounds bloody! :D will make sure I don't eat first or while I watch.
I thought it was ok. They could've done a better job on the blood. :D but I'm just a sick child....
The plot was pretty good too.
I saw it a couple months ago. The final 1/4 seemed weird to me. Like it was two movies in one or something was missing. Maybe I didn't watch close enough?
They were called "Dessert". And I agree, it seemed they might turn evil at the drop of a hat. It would be scary to think how popular they would be if it was a real group. ...Or are they! ha ha
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