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Jikoshokai (introductions)


19 Mar 2002
hello fellow forum members....

I'm new to the forum as of today.

I'm 32 years old, female and married. My interest in Japan began at a tender age when mon cher papa frequently travelled to Asia on business. The omiyage he brought back for me sparked an interest which was mostly latent until about 8 years ago, when I returned to university and became involved with the Asian Studies program there.
I also begun the study of tea (sadou) at that time, Uransenke school.

By the time I completed my BA, I was hooked and ended up accepting a fellowship to study classical Japanese literature at Yale. I finished the master's degree there in 2000, taught Japanese language and culture for a couple of years, and then my husband's layoff prompted us to leave Connecticut for our home state of Colorado.

I now work for a grant-funded outreach program which trains educators how to teach accurately about China and Japan in Boulder, Colo. I'm remained active with all things Japan-related and have recently resumed studying my long-neglected Mandarin as well.

I share my home and time with my husband of nine years, our two dogs (a Corgi and a Pom), and our occasional Japanese houseguests.
Doozo yoroshiku onegai itashimasu.

Hi Mindy, I bid you welcome to these fora!

It's a pleasure to have you aboard.
Hi, and welcome aboard.

Did you study classical in Japanese or English? I college I spent a bit of time in the heian classics :)

Hi Mindy, and welcome

That's an interesting summary. Everyone here seems to be married. You're putting pressure on us young'uns, haha. Will be looking forward to your correcting us on inaccurate media-influenced opinions :)
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