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JET vs. Private Companies (English Teaching)


the necro yeti
13 Jul 2007
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From what I've read, JET is a more enriching experience; however it seems extremely competitive and my chances of being accepted are a little dubious. Without a doubt I'll be applying to EVERYTHING POSSIBLE when the time comes.

Could those of you who have JET experience/rejection as well as large private companies (NOVA, AEON etc) talk about your qualifications and grades etc, and if you were rejected, can you explain or infer why that happened? I imagine school credentials matter more to JET than other companies.

For a little background, I'll be receiving my B.A. in History after 4 years at a very well-known yet small American liberal arts college (Vassar). My GPA is somewhere between 3.0-3.1. Is that realistically too low for acceptance to the JET Programme? I'm kind of flailing around in the dark...


Just me
20 Aug 2003
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"Enriching" is subjective. You get out of life what you will. Many JET ALTs complain, as do many eikaiwa teachers. What do you want and expect out of a job here?

Competitive? Sure, but that's no reason not to apply.

Grades in college are totally unimportant in either type of job. Sad, but true. Nobody here will even know what GPA means, so leave it off hyour applications. Minimum requirement is the completion of a degree, any bachelor's degree. The college itself is also unimportant. Immigration just wants to see proof of the degree, whether from Harvard or Podunk U.

Look at the JET site and see what they want. Visit www.bigdaikon.com and ask around the forum there (it's a JET haven), but beware of the many idiots, juveniles, and flamers there (many of whom will be your colleagues).

The job as a JET ALT and an eikaiwa teacher are pretty different. Hours, responsibilities, salary, class size, student motivation and mentality, etc. Their only similarity is in what you are expected to "teach" (oral communication), but even that can be different if you are the type of JET ALT that is used only as a human tape recorder. Experiences vary.
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