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Jerry Springer


15 Apr 2002
The Best and Brightest of America has finally landed in Japan. Well, the first time I've seen it on tv here at least ....

good grief ... that's the last thing that needs to imported into Japan.
I've seen a few of his shows. What can I say, it's not even entertaining...
It's entertaining for sure, in a kind of "laugh at the monkey" sort of way. I'm sure it'll be great for the american image in japan...

Is it dubbed/subtitled or in plain old english?
I was watching in the sub-mono channel so in all English with beeps and all. I should've switched to regular mode to check to see how the Japanese was translated.

Maybe if I catch on tv again.

yeah, I bet the Japanese will have a good ol laugh over all of this.
I used to watch Gerry Springer on a daily basis here, It was so funny at times and so stupid at the same time I was glued to the t.v set(hehe) and the topics where,,,well,, lets say,,,some-what unreal but fabulous to watch!!!!👏
yeah, it seems to be the best of the US.

ughhh, what a joke.

His jokes are pretty funny though.
Did you see any episodes when he got angry with his guests?
Now that was worth the watching, hahaha and the guests just sat there and took it, I dont blame them though, STEVE WAS THERE!👏 Oh I hope I havent spoilt anything for the viewers, it did'nt happen often, but it was great when it did!🙂
Springer used to be Mayor of Cincinnatti (Ohio) and has an impeccable record of public service. Now he's considering a bid for Senate. Smart man who is often underestimated yet... from "trailer park trivia" to Washington, D.C.? Only in America. :cool:
Don't watch it but one of the funniest comedy sketches I've seen was based on this show. It had a topic something like this:

"I'm a blood soaken cruel dictator and I wear a silly moustache"

and you had Hitler, Stalin, saddam.... funny sh*t. :D
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