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Jenglish on the spot


17 Jul 2002
I've taken this pic in the train (oedo-line, Tokyo) a few days ago.

What do they really mean by "BUM" ?


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Is that only used in British English ? Bum is either a familiar word for "bottom/buttocks" or it means "tramp/homeless". In slang it also means someone who just idle around or doesn't like working.
bum in british terms is bottom
americans use the word bum for homeless people.
i'm curious to know what the japanese writing says
kind of hard to read them letters in small print....seems like an advertisement for something....
I'll translate : "fuyou baiku hikitori kaitori ippan ?ri"

=> "takes over or purchase all bikes that are not needed anymore" + phone number

That's probably just some Japanese initial for the company name ("B" surely stands for bike). I guess it's not a bum who want to start biking because they have too muvh free time :D
nah we use bum to mean bottom too. we also use it as a verb meaning to have or to borrow things you usually cant give back. eg "can i bum a cigarette?"
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