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8 Sep 2003
Hello to all of you!

I am mad about JDM cars, especially sportscars. I'm looking for penfriends in Japan with whom to swap brochures. Things I'm looking for : anything Subaru, Nissan Fairlady, Skyline, Skyline GTRs, anything Prince, anything Mazda rotary and MX5 (I drive a Eunos Roadster here in Belgium so anything on it would be appreciated too, especially the 1994 J limited brochure as my car is one of these), Toyota Supra, MR, Celica, S 2000, Mitsu Evos, FTO and GTO, Honda NSX and all sorts of prototypes or wacky things (Toyota Bb, Serena, Will...) JDM brochures for European cars interest me too. I can offer all sorts of European brochures in exchange, from the humble Micra to some prestige brands like Ferrari, Porsche... Just send me a message!



P.S. : I'm into 1:43 scale models too, I'm looking for models of the new Subaru Legacy. Has any of you already seen some?
Greetings and welcome. Hey, that's a very kewl idea (wish I had thought of it myself, heh). Plenty of materials out there, hopefully you can make a connection and get what you're looking for Dimitri.
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