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JDM car auctions

7 Aug 2003
Hello I am new to this forum, and I live in the us. I was wondering how I would go about purchasing a JDM car from a auto auction in Japan. I have seen a couple sites online, but I am not sure which ones to trust. Also I was wondering if there were any companies that could help me purchase a car online through a car auction. I love Jdm cars, but they are immpossible to get ahold of here on the west coast. I want a real RHD show car to represent true jdm style and speed. Also if anyone knows of any used car sites online that would be able to ship over some JDM spec vehicles that would be great!!!!

It might not be that easy but in the UK there are hundreds of reputable companies regularly importing cars from Japan. Try to look out for BIMTA approval (www.bimta.co.uk). Importers showing membership are reputable ones. Usually they specialise in one or two models or type of cars. I bought a Eunos Roadster that way, from a bloke in London. See www.dandycars.com. A very nice experience, I'm absolutely delighted by my JDM Miata. It even came with 1 year waranty! I don't know how it would work out for you to get the car into the US but that's for sure you must have a contact in Japan to sort out a good car for you. David from Dandy Cars explained to me there are rogues into that as well, people pretending to find "the best one available" and when you get the car it's just a pile of s****. So beware and find about UK companies. One of them might be interested in helping you perhaps? The trouble is, you'd get the car paid for without having been able to fully inspect your rice rocket before hand... I found mine on the internet, saw the pics, had it booked for me, waited about 2 months, went to the UK to see and check it, test it and drive it, saying OK I'm having it and then had it legalised prior to bringing it back on the continent. I'm pretty sure it'd be a hell of a job to get a JDM car federalized, wouldn't it? Mind you, if it's just for show, then, it might be different.


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