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Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
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Read Gil Asakawa's latest column on Asians in America being the target for racist comments.

Why Is It OK To Pick On Asians?

=> nikkeiview.japanreference.com/article.php?ID=73
Racist remarks should be viewed on as an insult to all human beings, stereo-typing an individual is a "sin" (my opinion only) I have lived with remarks all my life as I'm sure most of the members at this forum have, it's not nice, it's hurtful but most of all it shows the intelligence of the person speaking the words!!
once I hear a person remarking another's race, creed, a lifestyle I tend to question their knowledge, (which has caused a little havoc) I tend to see that not all this world seeks knowledge, some seek fame (Hitler) others just have been raised that way(not able to conceive the bigger pic), and this is "SAD", PEOPLE ARE ALL INDIVIDUAL, 🙂: 🙂:
Hit the nail right on the head, there, Debs.

I always ignore racial stereotypes and take people on their individual merits. However, being an angry postal worker I suppose I shouldn't be quite so positive on this subject . . . so I'll just say that when individuals piss me off, they REALLY piss me off. Especially Slipknot fans, who seem to have deliberately forgotten their individuality. . . Damn you, Slipknot, and your stupid rubber masks.
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