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japone auction sites as EBAY

Dangerous Girl 78

Dangerous Girl 78
14 Mar 2004
Hi, 🙂

Does it exist a site for auction such as eBay or AUCKLAND??
But I'm searching for a Japanese website where it's possible to have another language (English, French, Spanish) because I don't speak Japanese.


Short answer - Japanese sites similar to Ebay are in Japanese.

You have two choices
- get your stuff from sites that aren't Japanese equivalents of Ebay (e.g. from non-Japanese Ebay etc).
- use an automatic translator for the Japanese Ebay type sites (but be warned that free online translators are not very good and that it is likely you will have problems finding people willing to deliver overseas).
Hmmmm,I say the best way is to find someone who can translate for you or try other e bay sites.........
good luck....
👍 🙂
I guess getting Japanese stuff from English eBay is the best option.
Just being able to read a Japanese auction site won't help you a lot since you might want to buy something there as well, and then the online-translator might not help anymore.
Yes, it's not easy to buy on Japanese websites because of translators and shipping costs.
So I'm going to buy items on European items.
I know EBAY, EBID, AUCKLAND but somebody can give me another website for the bidder, but European please, it can be Spanish, Italian, English, Nederlands, german......there is no importance.

I just know the german website "www.auktionssuche.de". u can there enter a keyword, and it searches lots of auction sites for it. So u can enter there anything and look at the auction sites they list, so maybe u find there something.
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