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Japan's all inclusive student's report card...


28 Jul 2003
Click here for full story"In an effort to better motivate students, Japan's new grading system replaces classroom ranking with recognising the little things they achieve. Sections tell parents whether their child 'studies quietly' and 'greets the teacher enthusiastically'."
i had "citizenship" grades on my report card, though it mostly ever said excessive talking.
you should see mine,i got mine and hit id, for all my classes it says "Achieving below abilities" i was stunned when i saw this, but i none the less threw it away :)
:p heh... i'm currently one of the best students at my school grade-wise, but if they included that sorta stuff i'd be sooo screwed...i sleep all the time and pay no attention whatsoever to the teacher. :eek: :LOL:
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