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Japanime Trivia ^.^ WEEE!


Gathering of Angels
25 Dec 2003
Alright guys, let's see who has the most extensive knowledge of the anime universe! I will be keeping up with the score, and when I decide to end the game....I will anounce the winner! Whomever has the most points by the end, will be the Japan Forum Scholar o' Anime! Shall we begin? Your first question is:

1) Gravitation: Where is K, manager of Bad Luck, from? (exactly!)


No, it doesn't. Some people will no certain questions over others. You could probally research Gravitation and find the answer. ^_^

Giving you a hint here, they don't say where he is from exactly. You will probally have to do a bit of research. Just look up character bios. ^_^ Good Luck!
lol i'd have said american without hesitation (because he's blond and loves guns) but i fell some some trick ^^

Okay, new question.

2) From Fruits Basket, who is the Horse? (You may have to research a little)

Dang he beat me:

SOHMA Isuzu, "Rin" (female)
Details unknown.
Horse. Doesn't appear in the anime.
Good work! Next!

Good Job, Luc! You have been awarded 2 points! At anytime, there will be bonus question to pop up. The person to answer a bonus question correctly, is awarded 4 points instead of 2. Good Luck to all of you! Next Question!

Question #3) In the anime Fushigi Yuugi, which of the Suzaku Seishi proposes marriage to Miaka (the priestess) first?


Congragulations, Mysticfyre! The answer was Hotohori! You have been awarded 2 points. Remember that whoever has the most points by the end ot the game will be Japan forum's Anime scholar!

BoNuS! (The first person to answer a Bonus question correctly will be awarded 4 pts. instead of the usual 2)

4) In the anime I MY ME! Strawberry Eggs, why does the main character, Hibiki Amawa, dress like a woman?

Because he wants to be a teacher and the principal of the school hates men...
thus , when he got rejected, his landlady turned him into a woman (just like in IMP)^^
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