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8 Jul 2002
Who of you here speaks japanese and where or how do/did you learn it? I'm learning japanese in university and think it's very intense, yet interesting and it makes lots of fun.
watashi wa nihongo o hanashimasu.

I learned a little in high school and the rest is self taught with some help from friends.
I am a newbie at Nihongo.
It's been a year, but only 2 hours a week.
It's been some private lessons, but lots of self-taught things.
I hope I'll find a new teacher (preferably Japanese) and continue my study.
My first signature on this board was:

Watashi wa Nihongo hanashimasu.....sukoshi!😊
I speak some Japanese. I'm 100% self taught and learning more and more each day :) きをつけて!
Watashi wa Nihongo ga sukoshi wakarimasu.

Yeah... I'll eventually get there. I will keep at it...
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