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japanese xmas = KFC

They dont eat turkey in japan so chicken has become the norm. who makes chicken? I stuffed my self on nuggets, mmmm, yummy!
Now that explains the queues I have been wondering about. Thought they gave away chicken for free. ;)
how much chicken was actually in that holiday pack for 2200 en i saw in the commercial? looked like a straight gyp to me, busted out laughing while watching it
as if kfc here wasn't expensive enough
chicken is probably the cheapest per pound meat out there (before cooking)?
chicken is so cheap here ;) In NZ chicken breasts were pretty expensive. Here I can get 2 large ones on special for around 200Y!!
I was actually kinda dissapointed with the KFC in Japan.... Maybe because my expectations were very high after tasting how good McDondalds was there.

And those statues... every time I saw one I coundn't help laughing about how they wouldn't last more than 5 minutes in America... :eek:
you think mcdees is better than KFC in Japan? I guess they must've dumped soysauce in the batter by mistake or something :D

but for the price, I suppose mcdees is a better deal.....

but then there are worse fare, like First Kitchen or Dom Doms or Lotteria, assuming they still exist :D
mcd be the over there
in the one across from tokyo dome, they have the red barriers -- people are standing outside the store in the cold -- it's like a nightclub wout dancers
yeah, as of two weeks ago, they still exist.
lotteria IS harajuku to me
that and the lolita gothics
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