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Japanese women


29 May 2002
I was just wondering if Japanese women are as complex as other women?

I have dealt with a lot of women in my life. Some good, some bad. Races ranging from African, American, Spanish, Italian, French, etc. I haven't had much contact with Japanese women. The little that I have makes me think that they are shy and timid. Am I way off base?

I would appreciate some input to clear up a little confusion.
they are shy

i wouldn't say timid, definitely not after the getting-to-know stage
eimik, what kinda comment is that??

samurai - in my experience in knowing Japanese girls and having a brother married to one is that they APPEAR shy, but they are as fiesty and strong spirited as all women. Unfortunately many westen men marry J-woman because they like such quiet, timid girls, but in time they find they are very strong!! :p
Well from what I've heard they are extremely complicated people and to fully understand their psyche you need to be Japanese a recommended site for such things is www.mynippon.com

By the way, I'm new so how is everybody and hello!!!
I take issue with the only way to fully understand an ethnic / gender group is to be born as a member of it. Just a bit too exclusive for my taste as it also implies a big communication gap and lack of empathy. Not attacking you Fixxxer so please don't take it the wrong way :)

While Japanese people in general (not just the ladies) may be more reserved in public, get to know any of them really well and you will find they can be just as stubborn, strong-willed, assertive, boot-strapping, resolute and determined as anyone. They just often choose not to be so where other people might be upset by their actions.
"a recommended site for such things is"

koff koff koff koff
man, that ain't no regular site! *cleans cache and turns off images*
it is hard to get and experiance with J-girls if you arent in japan lol 😌

where i am there is a small amount of j-girls to start and then also they tend to keep to j-guys, oh the barriers lol 😭 :auch: :eek:
My experience is that they can be as complex as European, African and American (North and South continents) girls. Add some cultural clashes, a possible communication barrier and you have a very difficult relationship.

As for shy, timid, strong and so on, those are typical human treats.


err... mynippon..? I guess I know where I can go for my ponytail fetishes.... :D:D jezuss...
@eimik- are you still friends with every person that you have ever know?

@nzuedu- thank you for coming to my defense.

@budd- tokidoki otonashii ga ii desu yo.

@Fixxxor- Thanks for the link. I enjoyed the site. OH! and Welcome to the site.

@Mandylion- thank you, that is probably the best info.

@Swifty- I feel your pain, but with a wife and kid, it is hard to get over there...lol
I kinda have another question

what do j-girls look at when it comes to western guys?
like i know here the girls are all about looks and cars
or well for my age group at least lol 👏
but what about over there?

Originally posted by Fixxx0r
...a recommended site for such things is www.mynippon.com

Hmm, let's see...

Attracting (the right kind of) men
By Pierre, September 25, 2003
2. Do something outrageous
This comes with some degree of risk because you might freak out your date if he is the non-adventurous type. I recently heard about a suggestion to go to the ladies' room during your dinner in the restaurant, take your panties off, neatly fold them, bring them back, and put them on his dish.

what, I don't care how hot a chick is, I don't want something that just touched her bunghole on my dinner plate!
:D :D :D :D 😌 😌 😌 😌

Ok If a Girl did that to me
My mouth would probably hit the floor

then I would calmly say "hmm I see you are thinking the same thing I am" and neatly place my boxers on her plate ^_^👏 👏 👏 👏 😌

obviously you dont eat off that plate lol

you just leave and dont bother eating ^_^

I'm kidding

that would be kind of funny tho 🙂 🙂 🙂 :D :D :D
Originally posted by samuraitora
I haven't had much contact with Japanese women. The little that I have makes me think that they are shy and timid. Am I way off base?

Uh, yeah. Japanese women are as complex as japanese men are as complex as Russian dwarfs are as complex as Argentine left-handers are as complex as Uzbekistanis with big noses.

Et cetera, ad nauseum.

Any impression to the contrary is due to limited exposure and/or too small sample size.
he said bunghole...that is funny all in itself. The concept is funny and obviously we have found one of the non-adventurous types...lol
Get yourself onto a plane and find a means to get a job in Japan, then make the rounds through Tokyo, Kyoto, Kyushu, Okinawa, Sapporo and somewhere near the top of Honshu, like Aomori, and maybe Niigata area, check out all or as many of them places as possible, and you should get a fair sampling of what J-women are like....they are as complex or simple as you make them out to be based upon your viewpoints.... :D
and as soon as you think you figured them J-women out, then throw out your assumptions and start over again, because chances are you're not quite right.... :D

then write your book for the international market and hope for the bestseller... :D
get cracking...on that homework, then....
don't have all day waiting to see your results... :D
Well, I think I've posted on this topic before. Again, I think you can't just say women of one nationality are better than another. I'm married to a Japanese guy, and I can't say Japanese guys are better than American(or any other) guys.

I don't think anyone should limit themselves to one nationality or race. I think it should be based on the individual. In my experience, Japanese women are, maybe for the most part, quiet on the outside, but as nzueda says, after you really get to know them, they are just as strong/stubborn/hormonal/HUMAN as the rest of us women... ;)
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