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Japanese vs Chinese women


15 Nov 2002
I dunno about this guy's view....seems like a preference ideal rather than an actual study into the differences...


a bit on the shallow side, too....
At least the guy said that it was his opinion and didn't claim that it was an absolute. I give him credit for that.
Reading the site makes me either think the guy is either very young , stupid, uncultured or all of the above.

Kinda funny how his range of "knowledge" only revovled around western released films. (-_-; ) ~ ~ 3
As far as being a controversial site, it fails. It's pure stupidity! That loser/geek probably has never been within arms length of a woman other than his mother!
what a wast of five min. correct me if I am wrong but arent Chinese and Japanese of the same race with different cultures and countries?
"Japanese women are a lot better looking than Chinese women, in my opinion." <--- what the heck! Oh yeah, Chinese women don't like to do practise surgery and enlarge the breast. Does it count "more pretty"?

"Faces on Chinese actresses are flatter and not as pretty as the Japanese" <--- haha! That's only one Japanese actress and one Chinese actress in the world!

"Faces on Japanese actresses are thin and round and are prettier than the Chinese." <--- at least I know one Japanese actress is not like that!
Most ridiculous comparisons ever come across! Full of wrong information, one-sided POVs & stereotyping.. he's at least wise enough to label it as a "controversial site" and not something.. (x_x")

Japanese actresses have more voluptuous figures. Chinese actresses have thinner, more athletic figures. <~~ Is he referring to just e 2 actresses on his page or .. *chokes* Someone should give him 1 long list of Chinese actresses with voluptuous figures~ at least I knew a few.

Faces on Japanese actresses are thin and round and are prettier than the chinese <~~ "thin and round".. what a nice contradicting way to describe a feature. o_O||b

Both have narrow eyes. Both have a light beige skin color. Both are naturally born with dark black straight hair and dark black eyes. <~~ Now, isn't it more obvious that this guy bothers with research. It's pure stereotyping! Since when do all Chinese have "narrow eyes", "light beige skin color", "dark black straight hair" and dark black eyes"?! (+_+;>)
Ugh. That website was just ridiculous. -_-

What do you ppl on this board think of Chinese? I mean, I know this is a Japan forum and all, but I'm just wondering about your opinion. Japanese culture is more popular and 'cool' in the US, so I think most Americans (white usually) have not much of an opinion on Chinese culture or think it's weird. =\
WOW, that was 2 mins of my life i will never get back :p but atleast it was a good laugh

personally I think the chinese are great! I don't agree with their government, but their culture is just as intresting as that of the japanese though I have never really "gotten into it" like I have with japanese culture because I haven't found many things that really draws me into it (like anime for example). also they have delicious food :p

Well, Chinese, just like other peoples, are diverse.
But in general, it seems they are a bit more superstitious than Westerners. They easier believe in hear-say & (urban) legends & have a stronger tendency to fall for good rhetorics instead of looking at the facts behind.

Oh, & although they have a nominally Communist party in control many of them are strongly nationalist. So strong a nationalist sentiment in Germany would be considered right-wing extremist.

Just speaking of the PRC, don't know so much about Taiwan.
The Japanese can be very superstitious too. I have always been amazed at how they can be such a technologically advanced country, but still be so backward as far as superstitions go.

This one Japanese friend of mine says that the pen*s festival looks like something that should be taking place in some remote tribe living around the Amazon, but instead, it's right in the middle of a wealthy, technologically advanced country.
I think that a lot of the Japanese popularity in the US has to do with video games, anime, and the technological advancements. I myself, don`t know that much about the Chinese culture, so that makes me want to learn more in regards to China. I think that with movies such as "Croutching Tiger Hidden Dragon", "Iron Monkey", and other martial art movies starring actors and actresses such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Zhang Ziyi, etc., might spark some interest about Chinese culture for Americans. I am a fan of these sorts of movies, but I guess I`m really not sure on that matter about Americans not being interested in the Chinese culture.
In fact, some people that I know are not really interested in other cultures, which is pretty sad. They are missing out on a plethora of wonderful things.

The guy who made that web page must have been smoking rocks or something. Not only was the focus of his topic lame, but he was totally lacking evidence or sources to even back his arguement. I hope he didn`t make this for a class project, because I think a Jr. High student could put together a better argument.
In bred fear !

After hearing for 50 years that China is our enemy, it's hard to think of ever being in a relationship similar to Japan & US.

Well I agree with this guy, Japanese PEOPLE (not only women) do have slightly different facial features, which it seems it very difficult for many westerners to catch on too. It appears to me that koreans have darker skin and a flatter facial structure, mandarin chinese people always appear to have a slightly flatter face than the Japanese but the same skin color. The catonese chinese people tend to have darker skin and the same facial structure. The have a similar facial structure to the mandarin chinese except a little bit rounder. This is just an observation that was actually brought to my attention by my chinese friend. I come from a town with many Asian kids and I can usually tell which country they or their relatives originated from. Although there are times when its different, sometimes Japanese people will be darker or have a flatter face, or all different combinations. They are all the same race but I agree with the kid who made the website about the different facial features. Also, he made a perfectly harmless observation about the roles of women in Japanese and Chinese movies. Of course it is not always true, just sometimes. And personally even though this website is a big waste of time, all it does is help destroy that ignorance of people who will call chinese people japanese, or korean, or whatever they guess and visa versa. It seems that most americans think that Chinese and Japanese cultures and languages are exactly the same when infact they're very different. This person is only showing that these are two different countries, not one giant one.
While it's true that Asians from different geographical areas have slightly different physical features (but not different enough to give you a very accurate guess), I don't think it's appropriate to separate these features based on nationality. For example, Koreans look exactly the same as the Chinese people who live close to Korea (in the North- central China region). Chinese people themselves look different from each other. Northern Chinese look different from southern Chinese. They're taller, darker, and have flatter faces (look more Mongolian, I guess). Southern Chinese people look more like Japanese: they're shorter and have rounder faces.
I can usually tell whether a person is from Northern China or not. But I can never tell the Koreans from the Chinese just by looking at them. Although I can sometimes guess whether a person is Japanese or not, I easiliy get them mixed up with people from southern China, such as Hong Kong, etc.
Why dont u people just say Chinese people are all yellow and wear funny straw hats and walk around saying "ah sou ah sou ah sou"....

The whole argument between who looks like what is stupid.

There is no one way for a race to look like....I've seen Japanese people with flat faces....but oh wait they dont have flat faces do they must just be Chinese people *rolls eyes*
Gaki, Thats NOT what I'm saying, i frequenly said "TEND TO HAVE". Not all chinese people have such flat faces, not all southern chinese people are darker. It seems to me that it is COMMON for chinese people to have flatter faces than the japanese. Not ALL the time. It is the same with all races, white people are sometimes darker or lighter than average. Hispanic people as well, africans, middle-eastern people, they all have SLIGHT (you know, teeny, tiny little, insignificant) differences. It is nothing distinct, just sligh differences. I am making no comment on which looks prettier for that is a matter of opinion.

As for Sango, I was only making an approximation. My THEORY is not always true, infact it is not true. It is just a guess, it is mostly a geographical thing rather than national. But national is an easier way to put it. Sometimes you can tell the difference between Koreans and the Chinese because the people who have immigrated are usually(VERY USUALLY) from South Korea. I can usually tell the difference between the two because koreans tend to have a flatter face, it is not alway accurate.
Well, it is pretty common knowledge that not all asian ethnicities have the same facial and body features. That isn`t the debate here in this case, what Mr. Andrew Santos is trying to imply is that his opinion qualifies as being a fact. Andrew is not trying to prove that Chinese girls have different features than Japanese girls, but in fact he is trying to prove they are better looking based on his lacking evidence. Of course, everybody is entitled to their opinion, but when they start trying to claim your own personal preference as being the truth, that is when things start to get skewed.

That`s fine if Mr. Andrew has an infatuation with Japanese girls, and if that is the case he is better off making a deidication page to them, instead of trying to compare them to other girls and saying that they are superior. I mean there would be people on the other side of the stick saying that Chinese girls are better looking than Japanese girls. It is all about personal preference, and when people start trying to pass their beliefs off as facts, that is when people start to get upset. This stuff happens all the time whether it`s religion, politics, or whatever. However, Mr. Andrew`s webpage is strictly opinion, and cannot be looked at as being a fact, that Japanese girl`s are more beautiful than Chinese. Just remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so everyone has their own likes and dislikes, but that is strictly their opinion.
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