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Japanese Tv on SKY

If there were, I'd be watching them. Unfortunately the most Japanese tv we get is Takeshi's Castle reruns from the 80's voiced over by a god-awful Craig Charles. I think it's representative of the UK population, because the high number of Asian (Indian/Pakistani) channels compared to the two Chinese based channels just seems weird.
Then again, from what I've heard Japanese tv is mind-numbingly boring anyway, so maybe it's a blessing. The only other thing we'd miss out on is anime.
What is SKY? Is that a satelite system?

Here in Ottawa, Ontario. (in canada) we have a cable company called Rogers Cable Inc and they carry JapanTV on their digital network. I usualy have it and I love it (even though I don't understand a thing they say, but the wife loves it since she does :>) Its not cheap though, I pay about 15$ per month extra just to get it. But its great during Sumo.
TV quality in Japan comes and goes. Some is fun and you watch because it entertains. Others are like trainwrecks and you can't watch something else because everything else is worse (you only get about 12 basic channels in Japan and most of them show almost the same stuff at the same time).
hey, wow its been some time since i have posted on here, anyways . Yea we only get Takeshi's castle on challenge T.V , with craig-charles lol ! I think they are some japanese cartoons on some dodgy channels late at nite, but its prob not advice-able you checking them out !
i found japanese wrestling on sky! and they havent dubbed over it or anything so its kinda cool seeing how much i can understand of the commentary. i think its channel 400 and something
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