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Japanese TV: is this for real?

Yes, it was real. That TV show no longer exist, but I hear it was extremely popular. I remember this show being talked about on an American TV program when the movie The Truman Show came out.
Bwahahahaha! Yes, it's very real. I remember it fondly but had forgotten all about it until now. The few episodes I caught were hilarious in an abstract/surreal kind of way. I remember poor Nasubi winning a Playstation console and he was so excited about it until he realized he didn't have any games for it so he would just stare for days on end admiring the console and the box it came in lol...
Yeah, that's the kind of thing you see on TV in Japan.

@ Geneva convention
Not sure Japanese people have ever heard of that. Japanese are not good at politics/law and don't really care about treaties established by other countries (with them). Anyway, they feel they are out of the system. "Japan is different" as they will tell you...
Apart from that, the Geneva Convention would only have applied in case Nasubi was a prisoner of war.
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No idea, but I thought I heard or read somewhere that he was allowed to keep all the things he had acquired directly as a result of the show. I'm sure in addition to his "15 minutes of fame", he received some kind of stipend or salary. At least one would hope so heh...
It says that his "diary" became a bestseller and earned alot of money so I guess he got some of that money, wicked stuff though...
yeah its no doubt that the producers and everyone else got fat stacks of cash from his commercials and shows and books, but its doesnt say anything about him.
Lol thats pretty crazy, I wish I could see the show. How did they keep him in the apartment? Didn't it have windows or couldn't he just walk out the door or call the police? (It said he had a phone)

Anybody know if this is available anywhere in the U.S.?
Nasubi wasn't locked up against his will. He was/is a comedian who had agreed to participate in the unknown TV show.

Anyway, I wonder if there are DVDs or videos of this show. I want to watch it as well. 🍜

More pictures are here:

"Denpa Shonenn" was like MTV's JackAss, not just as stupid and gross.
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