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Japanese triphop?


13 Aug 2003
Is there any? You know of the massive attack or Portishead type... thx for any replies.
Check out Antennasia: www.antennasia.com. They have full songs online in their listening booth.
I'm going to be doing an interview with them soon.

Can't think of much other Japanese trip-hop acts though. DJ Krush sometimes ventures into this area and you might wanna try the Boom Boom Satellites.
oh this is easy, cool! dj krush! first off, i think he can be gotten even at walmart... toshinori kondo... let's see...
Wow, somebody actually knows Toshinori Kondo?
I've seen him perform live earlier this year, since he lives in Amsterdam.

He's a trumpettist and while you could describe his music as trip-hop, he's a bit more experimental then what's going on in the Bristol scene.

Here's a picture i took from his concert:


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yah, he did a collaboration w DJ Krush -- thanks for the pic!
forgot Kazufumi Kodama

Yeah yeah! dry & heavy

it's trip hop !!! you can listen to dj shadow , dj krush , tosca, kruder and durfmeier, tricky, nujabes, ....................
Uh, such a refreshing breeze of air, something else&interesting on this forum about music, instead of the endless J-pop stuff ;)

Keep namedropping! I want to extend my knowledge. I know for sure there are many talented electronic music producers in Japan (incl. triphop), but don't have the names :/

Some interesting ones I can add to the list (hope you don't mind they're not exactly triphop..) are OOIOO, Hifana, Jazztronik, Primal (hiphop)..
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