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Japanese Trend Sites?


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14 Mar 2002
Guest J. Grabano asked:

Do you know any cool Japanese trends site, preferably in English?

It depends on which trends you are refering to (music, fashion, underground...). You will be able to find a lot of suitable pages in our directory. :)
Guest J. Grabano replied:

The works...Japanese fashion, music, film, etc.
Directory search

Dear J. Grabano,

I just went to our directory and made an advanced search for trends in japan. It resulted in 7 pages found, many of them might be very useful to you. Then I went on to our new (and more precise)
alpha search and did the same, with one search result, a web site called "Trends in Japan".

I would also like to add that there is a subcategory entirely devoted to fashion and trends.

Thank you very much for your visit.
Hi Nahoko, nice to meet you!

I think Trends in Japan is a pretty good site about contemporary developments in Japan. But I have to admit, that I don't know many sites concerning this issue, although I would like to know more sites too. So, if anyone knows a great site, let us know :)


P.S. A year or two ago I thought about setting up a colourful homepage concerning trends in Japan because once (on a Sunday afternoon) I have done a photo series (called "Tokyo Colours) in Shibuya with 12 pictures of pied Japanese Elvis-Presley-doubles, etc - but unfortunately never had time for it :(
Hold on, although it seems a bit commercial, J-Streetstyle has some nice galleries too (found through the advanced search form)

Originally posted by halloalex
A year or two ago I thought about setting up a colourful homepage concerning trends in Japan, because once (on a sunday afternoon) I have done a photo series (called "Tokyo Colours) in Shibuya with 12 pictures of pied Japanese Elvis-Presley-doubles, etc - but unfortunately never had time for it :-(

We'll always offer you a platform to show your pics! ;)

We plan to set up a photo gallery where visitors may upload their J-related pics. What do you think?
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Hey Thomas!

Well, I think, it's a great idea to offer the users the possibility to upload their own Japan-pictures. Because I would definitely like to use it. But I am not sure, if there are many other users, who have their pictures already scanned - since I figured out, how long it takes to scan photos a few weeks ago. So better wait a while till more users come up with such an idea. However, whenever you need my pictures or I may upload them anywhere, just drop me a line. Be sure, I'll be the first. Or there is anyone out there, who believes that he could be faster??? :)

You're lucky, Alex, I am so bored, I'll start to install the gallery right today! j/k :)

Btw, there's a fantastic new gallery script (which I happened to port over to English, hehe):

=> http://www.4homepages.de

But seriously, I think it's a good idea, adds interactivity to a web site. People just love to watch personal pics.
I hope I can accomplish that today. Glad you liked my screenshots! ;)
Thanks for inviting me to the forum, Thomas. I think the trending page is a great idea. Especially to allow other people to post pictures. I am looking forward to what you will come up with.

Some other sites that are worth watching. Many show trendy youths or fashion:

My own site has a daily updated page with shots of trendy youths:

A monthly updated site with shots of young Japanese (in Japanese!):

Japanese street fashion:

A site on Fashion in Japan:

Great trendy e-zine:

Hi Kjeld,

welcome to the board, it's a pleasure to have you here!

Thanks for the update on J-trendy web sites.
I was wondering why the big fascination

with Japan and anything Japanese? What about China, Singapore, Malaysia and all the other asian cultures?
Japanese pop culture is in at the moment: Jpop, sushi and anime everywhere, it even influences surrounding Asian countries more than some are willing to admit (Korea). Perhaps it's more than just a trend...

Btw, there are many web sites catering to other Asian niches (oh, chinareference.com is not related to our site, lol).
I always thought that fashion....

was started in Paris or is that old thinking. By the way, I just glanced at a few photos of the fashions...aren't there any fat Japanese?...not counting sumo wrestlers.
While Paris and Milano are capitals of fashion (at least in regard to "haute couture"), there are a lot of other places that can be considered as trend-setting, take London or Tokyo for instance.

Fat Japanese? Well, first of all, fashion models are perhaps not that representative, as they still have a propensity to "twiggy-ism", hehe. Furthermore, Japanese eating habits do change. I have no statistics, but the number of fat people and malnutritional diseases is on the rise. Take a look at the following page

=> http://dandoweb.com/e/fat.html
Land of the Amazons: The Japantoday forum post with the title, "Growth hormones". ...Pretty much sums it all up.
Hormons or not, my wife enjoys to tower over her bosses.
lolololol ... Japanese girls getting taller. hehehe.... somebody is forgetting another anatomacial part ... hehe

A basic change in diet has occured in Japan. Baby weights also increase quicker now than in the past. I would acount much of this to a wider spread intake of milk and meat products and the horrid convience syndrome (7/11, AM - PM, Lawsons and such).

Also, another factor that hasn't been mentioned is the almost total decrease of [seiza] sitting on the knees like a samurai. Couches and sofa's have basically replaced the [zabuton] square thin cushion. I've seen a growing number of girls with straighter and longer legs. (no complaints here! -- men eh!)

And a final mention, the almost non-existance of kimono owning young ladies. I wonder if looser fitting shirts don't help in some aspects ??

Obesity, in folks other than Sumo wrestlers is a very limited part of the population. Although, I know a few who probably are putting their health at risk. Listening to many friends and acquaitances talk, I imagine this low count of heavy set folks is probably due to the fact that food serving portions are almost 1/3 of what you would be served in the States. A student just came back from Italy and she complained about the servings size being way too much. In her opinion, she mentioned that that serving would easily satisfy 3 or 4 adults.

just read the japantoday site. lololol ... I'm gonna stay away from the comments about the Americans. My sister would kill me ... lolololo
Japanese Trend Site 2

Hey guys!!
Check out this site called "Japanese Trend Watch", which I found by chance.


It basically is a blog talking about emerging trends in Japan, speciafically in auto, entertainment, fashion, gadget and sports field.
He also put up some YouTube file something relating to that topic!!
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