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Japanese trains


1 Sep 2003

HI everybody,
Can anyone tell me where I could find some web sites about digital cartography of Tokyo, Saitama and Chiba Prefectures?
I'm a Train Simulator Designer and I need some aerial images to complete my train routes; I already built the entire track layout of JR and private railways in Greater Tokyo.
Another question: where can I find ( if exist ) some ( free download ) JR trains for Microsoft Train Simulator ?
It's a difficult search.....

I guess that's all.

Thanks in advance

Do you graffiti for those Japanese trains of yours? I got loads of photos. I'm serious too.

I don't know about train pictures, but I can tell you that train simulators are very popular in Japan. In a big game stores (particularly somewhere like Akihabara) there is often almost an entire shelf of different train simulator games. Some of them are very good and totally photo-realistic. You can also get some pretty cool controllers which have dials and switches etc of a real train (well cool if you like trains anyway!)

Most of them are one-off simulators (not add-ons for something like Microsoft Train Simulator) but I'll take a look next time I go shopping and see if there is anything that could be of use to you.

Yes, I think that is maybe the most popular.

This is one of the controllers I was talking about:

used to luv watchin' them train "drivers" go through their inspection mode confirmations before setting off on the Toyoko Line headed for Shibuya....from Sakuragi-cho Station.... :D
also miss them funky voices by them male conductors on the ginza subway..... :(

they were pretty funny.... :D
A friend of mine built the following site - all devoted to the Yamanote line

It is not a simulator but I thought it was of interest to people on this board.

You can contribute to it as well. It is really cool.

Talking about Japanese trains .. Can you believe that Japan claims to their people that JAPAN invented trains? ROFL I laughed my *** off when I went to fujikyu highland and heard that "Thomas the tank" was a 日本車 utter bull !! Japan only invented one thing in its entire history: The printing block ... which was later improved by the French. :eek:
Originally posted by SalaryMan
talking about japanese trains .. Can you believe that Japan claims to their people that JAPAN invented trains? ROFL

Sorry, but that's just total crap.

Utter bull huh? Here's two ways to check it out : Get hold of a history book from the museum.. If your' reading abilities are adiquate then you will be able to find out all sorts of lies told to the people here.

Ask a middle school child ... they have already been taught these lies and will gladly repeat them to you.

Things my neice has told me were invented in japan :

Planes , Cars , Trains , Boats , Televisions , VCRs ... bah i'm being immature i'll just stop now.:eek:
Densha de GO! is a horrid game, you cant crash the train!

Just fail for being one second too late or laugh at the animation of business people falling off their seats. The Kyoto Osaka line was next to my girlfriend's house to play that particular part of the game with a surround sound experience. And it's ancient! So it looked like a Sega Master System.
I play Trainz, a good game and very real, apart from the lack of carnage when my train hits another one at 200kph.

But in Japan, you can see out of the front of the train, a nice experience when you get a lady driver. Then they say "Otsu, Otsu desu" when the train pulls into Otsu. But "Otsu desu" does that also mean that the driver is "Otsu?" I made that joke every time. If I were a 'nihonjin ekinisan' I would boast "Kono Machi no Eki wa Otsu desu" To avoid the confusion. Then I would say "Ore wa Oriba desu. Hajimimashite! Ogenki desu ka?" then I would save the young women and shout:

"Warui chikan wa nandiane! Kaette kudasai! Ahoooooooooo!"
You serious the Japanese believe they invented 'inventing inventions' bah! the English did! Not patriotic, but they invented the Industrial Revolution and used that to build guns to destroy any opponents and get a lead so they could invent Mount Everest and the North Pole and A-Bombs, Chinese whispers and trains and photos of naked women in magazines.
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