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Japanese train tunes


20 Oct 2003
i've seen in anime and other japanese films sumthing thats really getting to me you see whenever a charter is in a busy street or mabie a train station they play a series of tones i wish i could sing it cause you'ed know it right away but the best i can discribe it is computrized tones that seem to signal the hour or mabie to tell you you can cross the street

anyway off the top of my head they play it alot in boogie pop phantom the anime if anyone can help me out ied thank ya
At train stations in Japan they play a tune when a train is about to approach. Also at street intersections they play tones when it's okay to walk. Usually street intersections are simple tones (like cuckoo clock) but the trains use many different tunes depending on the train line & station.
The tunes are mainly a Tokyo and surrounding area thing. JR lines used to just play a monotone sound when trains were approaching, but they changed to tunes to make things a little more cheerful on the platform. You can find some of them on websites. My favourite when I lived down in Saitama was the Musashino line (an otherwise throroughly forgettable line running from Chiba up into Northern Saitama). They played "Moon River" to announce trains arriving, which often brightened up my daily commute to work.

Railway melodies or chimes

are you talking about the distinct three notes(i think three notes) that are played in animes when school starts? and does anyone know what the buzzing noise in animes are? its kinda like a insect buzz
If it's midsummer I'm sure the anime will have cicada noises. These insects can get very loud in the summer and the noise will remind anybody who's been in Japan of hot Japanese summer days. Is that what you're thinking off?
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