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Japanese Tourists

It is amazing, but these stereotypes about Japanese tourists often turn out to be true, you find them in the remotest areas - but not necessarily with a camera in front of their chest. :D

I remember that I was once travelling in Iraq (not exactly a popular destination) shortly before the Kuwait thing took place. The only non-Arab foreigners I met were two young Japanese guys who had just traversed Europe and Turkey. I was really impressed, as they planned to cross Asia, home-bound. :eek:
I once came across a groupe of japanese visitors in my home town (Derry) it was an awfull experience, they could not speak English and we had no idea what they where saying,we knew they wanted something to eat (Iworked in a restraunt at the time)but what they wanted we could not figure out, they eventually took cake and coffee, they where very frustrated and so where we,we had biolingual speakers (spanish, french, german,even italian) but no japanese speakers, at the end of the evening they left gracefully,and we where left speachless, that incident had made me extremley wary of meeting tourists and my lack of ability in commuicating with them, how ever Im older now and wiser(haha) maybe now it would'nt prove such an ordeal
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