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Japanese symbols on my friend's artwork


31 Oct 2016
Hi, I'm new on this forum. For now I can say I'm not much interested in Japanese (just some in Your culture and armament), but my friend likes to add some Japanese symbols on his artwork, but doesn't want to say, what they mean. He makes them like a quizes, I can say. If anyone could translate a couple symbols on a few picks for me, I would be very grateful (I don't wanna stick them here, cuz I don't know, what they mean).
I must have mistaken the thumbnails for full images. All I saw was a bunch of ナナナ and ドドド
I figured that was the case, I use google docs for my work so I was familiar with the oddities.

OP, it's easier if you just upload the images to the forum instead of linking to a google drive, that way everyone is familiar with the system.
The text sounds rather stilted and is in the wrong orientation (line by line from top to bottom instead of column by column from right to left). Apart from that, translations would be:

Third image: "John Paul II rapes little children."
Fifth image: "I'm a homosexual..."

Now you can ask your friend why he wrote these :)
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