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Japanese swords


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14 Mar 2002
Nihonto, the Japanese sword.

Mainichi featured the following article in their J-craftsmen series a while ago:

The Japanese sword -- cutting-edge technology

=> http://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/features/craftsmen-series/08.html

Other resources:

Japanese Sword Index



It's also biz: the sword below sells for US$ 2.800!


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That's a interesting sword, uhmmm is it shown in pieces? or like how it looks like before it is made into a sword?

anyways I have a friend who has a wooden sword and a real sword, but it isn't sharpened.

Though it is illegal to have a sword? do you have to have a permit or something like that?

I mean I want a nice kodachi and a katana(?) oh and also a wooden sword, I think those are very nice.
gokarosama said:

It is perfectly legal to own a sword, if it is registered in your name. Like a gun in the US. The picture above is simply a bare blade with its shirasaya and koshirae (respective mountings for storage and display.)

oh okay, well I have another question, what happens if like I am giving a sword as a gift?

I mean do I go and get it registered under my name as soon as I am given it?

because my friend said that he was going to make me a "real" sword, and I know that it takes alot of "hard" work to make a sword, but anyways he is going to make me one. :)
I bought my firsrt japanese sword. a shin gunto in 1964. for 9 pounds english money.
Wish i still had it.!!
In my opinion, the nihonto is the most beautiful type of artwork to come out of Japan, and my favorite style of art.
Nice thread with some decent information here. At first I thought it was going to be one of those "I want to walk through Japan with a Katana!" threads again.
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