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Japanese stores In texas


12 Jun 2003
I am looking for some japanese stores in Texas i am looking in the Austin area All I need is the site and the address if you know a place there please reply. 🙂
Thank you

I have searched in google.
theres a comic book store off lamar and cant remember the name of the cross street but its pretty north. past where guadalupe turns into lamar. over near the wing stop. in that area. i havent been to austin in awhile so i cant remember but i am planning on going back up there soon so i can give you better directions later if you cant find it. anyway they have a pretty good anime and such section, and they dotn have somethign they will refer you to another place that prolly will.
Hey thanks Jeisan for the place at.
I was wondering if you have the chance maybe if you could tell me the store name and look it up in the yellow pages or if you want you can give me the address I plan to go to austin next week and I wanna check it out myself. Oh yea I was in a chat room a girl from Austin said that there was an Anime store next to a Sushi Bar it's called neko neko Anime she said it just opened. Is it true?
i really dont know, i dont live in austin. i just go there every once in a while. but if you can find out the name of that sushi bar and/or a relative location before saturday ill check it out.
hmmz.. texas

well i know like 5 or 6 in houston .. pluz the grocery stores and etc .. places to buy anime .. if you need help let me know and i'll pass on the information to you
I live in Dripping Springs and go to Shogun Resturant off of slaughter but that isn't really a store.

Hm, didn't there used to be one in oakhill across the street from the diner and that lot where people set up to sell crap, or is it a sports shop now?

I'm not sure, but I will look around
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