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Japanese spirit


6 Feb 2003
Could someone please translate the phrase "Japanese Spirit" in to romaji for me ? In context it's to mean having the spirit and love of all things Japanese.

Thank you
Konnichiwa Nyanko-san!

"Japanese Spirit" is "Japaniizu Supiritto" in romanji. Oh, this answer's wrong? in Japanese but not English?:p

"Japanese Spirit" is "Yamato Damashii" in Japanese.
Yamato means Japan. "Damashii" is "Tamashii" originally and means Spirit.

Incidentally, the ideal Japanese man is "Yamato Onoko" and the ideal Japanese woman is "Yamato Nadeshiko".

Thank you.

I'm looking for a phrase to mean that people who aren't Japanese by birth, but have that "Japanese Spirit". I'm starting my own web clique - what would be the most appropriate phrase out of the ones provided ?
Can someone post the kanji for this phrase ?

Preferably typed text rather than a gif/jpeg - but any help is welcome.
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