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Japanese souvenirs, daruma dolls, misc. stuff from japan?


4 Mar 2014
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Hey I've been searching for a while trying to find a place that I can get specific goods from japan and since I don't really speak japanese I can't use yahoo japan like some people can... I have used ebay but I don't tend to find what I am looking for-- or it's tiny and grossly expensive for the quality... So I was wondering if anyone knew a website that sells random stuff from japan(think knick-knacks, and just odds and ends?) that is fairly affordable--- I am not saying it has to be something that's like a dollar... but I am also asking for something that isn't trying to sell something small for like 200 dollars. -__-; I am not sure if I am making any sense here... but if anyone can help that'd be great.


P.s. it could be anything too. Also wondering where you could get "kappa" memorabilia(toys, figures, stuffed animals, dolls, etc) that could be shipped to the us? If anyone is living in japan and could possibly inform me... that'd be nice.


14 Jan 2014
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Jbox.com has some great offerings from all aspects of Japanese culture. I think you may find what you're looking for there! As I am from England the shipping is rather expensive for me, so I don't tend to order much from there. But being as you're US based you may find it more affordable!
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