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Japanese Schools?


13 Aug 2003
Sorry to ask , and i'm pretty sure this has been asked a lot, but I'm kinda curious about some things :

1)I seen in anime, that students goto school, and change their shoes, that would mean they change their shoes like 4 times a day (in school to school shoes, school to p.e., p.e. to school, and school to home?)

2)Is there like a website somewhere to show me the uniforms students wear from different highschools? (ehheheh)

3)When does school start, end in the day?

thank youuuuuuuu!
Don't know much about the shoes or websites for school uniforms. Girls mostly wear sailor type uniforms and boys wear 19th century army type army uniforms, they all pretty much look the same.

The school day isn't much different time wise from what students have in the US. But school doesn't end for Japanese when the bell goes, most of them have to go to cram school for at least a couple hours after regular school and then they have to do a mountain of homework when they get home from there. The life of a Japanese high school student is definitely not one to be envied.
when I went to school in Japan I had to change from my normal shoes into slippers that were really hard to walk in up stairs .... but I don't know about going to P.E because I had just come out of hospital so I didn't have to do that :)
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