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Japanese rock, visual kei a.s.o. not popular anymore?



It seems like less people are intrested in the japanese alternative scene since the early and mid 2000's. Naturally a trend can't keep on forever although I'm surprised at how many die hard fans have suddenly dissapeared. Personally I haven't changed so much in my own musical palette. Although new music is constantly added I will never forget how for exampel, dir en grey or X japan changed the way I viewed life and energy. This might sound a bit silly, but for me that was introduced to japanese rock in my early teens, it became the soundtrack to my youth and transformation into liberation.

Anyway, I suppose I wonder if people like me are still out there. People still listening to the old music like X, ziggy, kamaitachi and so on. Or people who would pay a whole lot of money for Mana Samas autograph. Those were certainely the days...

Or were they :?
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